Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Men's Collection

I will be establishing a Men's Collection come Winter of 2011 (which is almost here!) Here's a SNEAK PREVIEW of some of the things we will be having. Wristbands to come.. focusing on Necklaces, Rosaries, and bracelets. Later to come are the wristbands we mentioned earlier and also plugs for those who have gauges! Interesting to say the least... can't wait! The New collection will be called "#551" and it will be available on it's own seperate website (does that mean I have to start a seperate blog- I'm not going to. SORRY-but not so much). This starting January 5th.

Music I'm into right now.

Really feeling this song been a fan of Miguels for a while I(since highschool) but getting more into this J Cole Character.. He's pretty fly lowkey. # I will stay tuned

"All I Want is You"- Miguel & J Cole

Back to reality... time for change

See, I don't post on this that much but I mean to make a change. I mean to upload mucho videos and work so that I can document my progress as a designer and as an artist. I know it will be hard, because i'm trying to balance so many things already... but I know if I stay true to myself and those who support me. It'll be alright.

On another note.. it will I'm not a tech genius so gettn videos and such on here will be interesting! I plan on make how to videos and documenting the creation process lol we'll see how well that goes... of course I'll be posting sales, and all that other good stuff like free giveaways.. and new items so no need to worry there will be plenty of info to absorb. so, yayyy! ok guys talk to you later..

Ps. Starting this winter.. I will be gettn my own camera. a nice one... too artsy fartsy for my own good... photography is creeping up me trying to get me to conform... we'll see who wins... #evil laugh